Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hall of Fame Blogs

Less than a month after their teams met in the World Series, two of the most prominent bloggers covering the Red Sox and the Cardinals have shut down their storefronts. Ed Cossette, the proprietor of Bambino's Curse, shut down his site just after the Red Sox broke their championship-less streak, being able to claim, in a voice more confident than the President's, "Mission Accomplished". Brian Gunn, the super-prolific writer of the Redbird Nation blog, shut down this week for reasons that were less satisfying, but nonetheless understandable.

I've thought about this sort of thing a few times since Doug Pappas, whose blog has a place of honor on my blogroll for as long as I have one, passed away. Is there a Baseball Blog Hall of Fame for those on-line diaries that have passed into history? Ed's promised that the Bambino's website will never go dark, Greg Tamer and later SABR tooks steps to ensure that Doug's website would remain available to the world on-line, after his untimely passing. Gunn is now talking about editing and publishing his Redbird Nation writings.

Makes you wonder if there are plans afoot to make sure other surefire Hall-of-Fame blogs, like Bronx Banter, Aaron's Baseball Blog, Futility Infielder and Bat-Girl are never lost to the world, even if their proprietors should decide to pull up stakes on their domains and websites?

Anyway, if there is to be a BB Bloggers HOF, I'd nominate Cossette, Gunn, and Pappas for the first ballot. Will, for what it's worth, you ain't gettin' nominated, because Will Carroll Presents' retirement is about as permanent as the first two Michael Jordan retirements. C'mon, snap out of it! The way that things turned out means the world needs more of ya, not less.

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