Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Triple Play Time

Another Prospectus Triple Play is up and out (link above).

Read it, and come back here. It's OK, I'll wait.

This features my first really visible flub. (At BP, that is. My editors are great there--whereas here, editing myself, you're lucky that what you're reading is in English.) I somehow omitted the word "six" with regard to the number of franchises who haven't had a 250 strikeout guy in their history. You can get the meaning of the sentence, since it refers to the actual franchises themselves, but it's still confusing. My bad.

[UPDATE: It's been fixed! As I said, my editors rock...]

Still, I thought it was an interesting phenomenon. Either the Yanks, despite enjoying a huge market advantage over the years, haven't until invested in big strikeout pitchers until recent decades, or perhaps there is a strikeout-reducing environment in the Bronx that has suppressed the team's K numbers. Anyone have any ideas about this?

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