Thursday, March 03, 2005

Like Kissing Your Sister...

Oh yeah, it's Spring, all right.

Yesterday, I was home sick. I hear on the news, Grapefruit League action begins today.

I remember that the Yanks open up against the Pirates. This is perfect, I'm laid up and good for just about nothing but watching TV, and I get baseball--two of my PTP teams--on TV.

Oops. Not yesterday. Yanks/Pirates was today, and instead, ESPN was showing the Mets and the Nationals yesterday. It was still baseball, I should be grateful. But I totally missed the Yankee opener. Even though I was still sick, I couldn't afford to miss another day of work.

Luckily, Cliff Corcoran and Steve Goldman didn't miss the opener, and each provided their own special moment-by-moment analysis of the game. Enjoy.

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