Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Not the Best of Times

Two more pitching duels, two more losses.

Can't say that I'm all that upset. After all, if you'd told me at the beginning of this series that the Yanks would start Mike Mussina, Shawn Chacon and Aaron Small against the team with the best record in the majors, and that the Yankees would only give up six runs in the whole series, I woulda taken it in a heartbeat, and called a sweep, to boot.

Instead, on Tuesday, Jose Contreras threw zeroes up there for seven innings, showing the Yankees exactly what they thought they were getting when they signed his inconsistent ass three years ago. Today, it went into extra frames, after Small (the Yankees' ace!) dueled Freddy Garcia to a 1-1 tie.

Then there was a triple, and the White Sox scored, and the Yanks lost. And you can't really complain, because right now, the White Sox are a better team than the Yankees. I don't think it's even as close as the score of this series would imply.

So, too, are the Red Sox. They won again tonight, which puts the Yanks five games out in the East, four games out of the Wild Card. Just to make things better, Randy Johnson is missing a start, and Carl "Meat" Pavano has been shut down, possibly for the season. The Yanks are counting on Scott Proctor for tomorrow's start against the Rangers. There are threats that Jaret Wright will start a game soon.


The thing that puts me in this funk worst of all, is Yankee fans being stupid in the House that Ruth Built. During Tuesday's game, some moron by the name of Scott Harper apparently decided to test the tensile strength of the netting that protects folks behind home plate from foul balls. He did so by dropping down onto it from the Upper Deck, about 40 feet. Here's a quote from the Daily News:

Harper’s friends didn’t seem too very worried about his condition. They planned to call him on his cell phone as soon as they finished their interviews. They also didn’t seem to think Harper’s stunt was all that dangerous.

“The people [in the lower deck] would have caught him like a little mosh pit,” Tripi said.

You wear your Yankee colors, and some people just assume you're a jackass. You have to actively convince folks that you're a human being, despite the white NY on your cap.

Idiots like Harper and his friends are the reason why. I could care less if Harper broke his fool neck, and Trippi's along with him. But if that net hadn't held, he likely would have hurt the people sitting below. People who probably weren't dumbasses.

I hope this kid gets to spend a few weekends in jail. I wish the "mosh pit" pal could do some of that time with him. I'd be satisfied if neither of them ever sets foot in Yankee Stadium again.

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