Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stop that Elephant!

I took a couple of days off from baseball, Friday to go to the movies, and yesterday to spend some time with La Chiquita in the best weather we've had, in a while. The Yanks lost both contests against the Oakland A's, a fact for which I apologize, Hideki Matsui-style.

Trying to keep the losing streak from hitting four, and the A's sweeping the Bombers on their home ground, I'm doing the only thing a fan can do--I'm heading up to the Boogie Down to support the boys in their time of need. Will report back after the game to tell you how that worked out, if at all.

As for the distractions from my baseball time, I caught the new X-Men movie (formally, X-Men 3: the Last Stand). It's a mild recommend, more later on that if I have time.

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