Monday, August 07, 2006

Week In Review: You Gellin'?

Record for the Week: 5-1, 14 RA, 31 RS
Overall: 66-42, 1st place, 2 games ahead of Boston

Player of the Week: Jason Giambi, who hit .462/.632/1.077 on the week, in five games. The Giambino had two homers and six RBI n the week, the most RBI on the team. Honorable mentions go to Chien Ming Wang, with his eight innings of shutout ball, Melky Cabrera, who hit ,350/.458/.550 Jorge Posada, who hit .400/.438/.800 in four games last week, Jaret Wright, who won two games last week with a 1.64 ERA, and newcomer Bobby Abreu, who hit 400/.464/.520 in his first week as a Yank. It's all good.

Dregs of the Week: Hard to pick on anybody, but since you insist, we'll try. Nick Green went 1-11 last week, a shame given that he'll be picking up some of Miguel Cairo's playing time, now that Cairo hits the DL. Bernie Williams, in limited playing time, didn't make a good argument for a larger role, .167/.231/.250. Johnny Damon won a game with power last week, but his two homers were the limit of his contribution, as shown in his .185/.214/.407. Alex Rodriguez got on base more, but his contribution was also very limited, .240/.321/.320. Ouch. Among the pitchers, the only one who really had a bad week was Ron Villone (7.20 ERA in 4 appearances). Nice work, there.

Story of the Week: Pretty much, the Yankees look right now like they have the team they will take to September and hopefully beyond. Robinson Cano comes off the DL on Tuesday, which should give us an idea of Joe Torre's lineup options for the rest of the season. At this point, we have to write off Carl Pavano and Octavio Dotel as vaporware, constantly promised and never delivered. Even if Dotel manages to pitch two consecutive weeks without having to be shut down, or if Pavano ever advances beyond batting practice (perhaps to challenge Mark Prior for the simulated game Cy Young!) neither man will be dependable enough to rely on going forward. There just doesn't seem to be enough left time for them to finish their rehabs and get the team's confidence.

Since this looks like the unit we go to war with, it's time for them to gel. The early returns are comforting in that regard. The offense clicked against the Jays and Orioles, and it looks like the Blue Jays may have finally said "uncle" after dropping 9.5 games back in the division after taking a major pounding from the Yanks and White Sox. The emergence of Chien Ming Wang and re-emergence of Jaret Wright, albeit in a five-inning incarnation, have taken the pressure off the incredible disappointment that is Randy Johnson. Hopefully, Cory Lidle can step up to make the rotation behind Johnson and Mike Mussina rock-solid, every man 1-5 a threat. Sure, going into the playoffs I'd prefer to have a single stud like Johan Santana or Roy Halladay over a couple of "solid" guys at the back of the rotation, but you play the hand you're dealt. Time to ante up.

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