Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yes to Cal & Tony; No to Mark & Goose

My Hall of Fame column was supposed to run yesterday just prior to the results coming out, but due to technical difficulties with Blogger, it'll have to wait til tomorrow. We now know that Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn will take the dais at Cooperstown next July; the foregone conclusion that Mark McGwire would not be joining them is now officially confirmed; and Goose Gossage, after seeing a lesser reliever make it into the Hall last year, fell just short--just 21 votes shy of the promised land. I hold out hope for Goose that he'll make it, not so much so for the Great American Scapegoat, Mark McGwire.

In other news, Randy Johnson was announced as the newest member of the Diamondbacks yesterday, so that's one more chapter in Yankee history closed, another one of those Yankee-fan specific lessons in finally getting something you've coveted for so long. I have an irrational suspicion he'll go back to dominating now that he's in the National League again.

On a non-baseball related note, the new IPod Phone freaks me out in a way few gadget introductions have managed to do. Just thought I'd share that.

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