Saturday, April 14, 2007

This One's on Minky...

Yanks dropped the first of their three-game set in Oakland last night, our first official casualty of the Doug Mientkiewicz era. In the eighth inning, the Yanks had the bases loaded with one out (after having started the inning with second-and-third, no outs) and Dougie Spellingerror came up. Now, this is one of the problems with having a dinky hitter like Mientkiewicz in the lineup, and the Yanks not really having a bench. I'd rather have Josh Phelps up in that spot, but the idea that Joe Torre would pinch-hit against the platoon advantage for the left handed "hitting" Mientkiewicz.

Anyway, Minky grounded out as weakly as possible, forceout at the plate, capping an 0-5 night where he left 7 men on base. Couldn't come up with a weak grounder under similar circumstances in the bottom of the 11th inning, when the A's won.

Thanks, Minky!

It's a shame, because Kei Igawa wasn't awful this time out--he was victimized by a brutal fielding error by Bobby Abreu, and a big bomb by Eric Chavez. However, with some help by Minky on offense and Kyle Farnsworth in the pen, Igawa had no shot at the win.

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