Monday, May 28, 2007

Week in Review: Memorial Day

Since I'm away, this will be a way abbreviated Week in Review, no breakdown, no frills.

Week 8: May 21-27, 2007
Record for the Week: 2-4, 27 RS, 29 RA
Overall: 21-27, 7.5 games behind Detroit for the Wild Card

Player of the Week: Robinson Cano, after the abuse he took last week, seemed born again hard after the Mets series, batting .391/.417/.652 with a team-leading 5 RBI. Andy Pettitte is a runner-up with a nice start (1 R in 7 IP) against Boston. Oh, and Wil Nieves, after going 0 for April, had a perfect day on Sunday, with two hits, a walk, and two RBI. As signs of the apocalypse go, this falls before rivers turning to blood, but after the rain of frogs.

Dregs of the Week: Luis Vizcaino is still throwing batting practice, and should be falling somewhere behind Mike Myers on the relief depth chart. Scott Proctor had a bad outing on Sunday, allowing the Yanks to get swept by the Angels. But he had a lot of help. The strange thing about this week is that there aren't a large number of outlying bad performances for a 2-4 week--just a general mediocrity. Bobby Abreu hit .150, but at least he got back to his always-on-base ways with four walks. Melky Cabrera stank up the joint in limited playing time, going 2 for 10. Tyler Clippard only went four innings in his second major league start.

Story of the Week: The Record for the Week section says it all. There's no reason to talk about the division standings right now--the Yanks are 12.5 games back, and in fourth place. From this point, we talk about the Wild Card, even though there's precious little reason to even say anything about that, either. The Yanks are 7.5 games behind the Wild Card lead, the eighth team in line for the Wild Card. They're only four games out of the worst record in the league.

We're not starting the funeral, yet, but this is just plain ugly. Something's gotta give; and change for change's sake--be it firing the manager or dealing away just about any player shy of Wang, Hughes, Cano and Jeter--is looking more likely by the minute.

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