Saturday, August 25, 2007

So Much for Help...

Boston beat the White Sox by a combined score of 21-4 in their double-header; King Felix led Seattle to a 4-2 win over Texas; and a four-hour rain delay wasn't enough to keep today's Yankees/Tigers matchup from getting up into the fiasco zone. It was deja vu all over again--in a virtual replay of Monday night's game, Alex Rodriguez pounded a homer to give the Yanks the lead, the starter (Clemens instead of Hughes this time) gave up six runs, again Jorge Posada keyed a big comeback to tie it, and again the whole thing fell apart in extra innings, with Sean Henn having to work as the "last guy in the bullpen" to eat the loss.

The Yanks had a ton of chances in this game, with 16 baserunners over 11 innings. They couldn't deliver on anything after the fifth inning. It might've helped a bit if Torre allowed any of his relievers to pitch more than one inning or if Roger Clemens could have given the team more than five poor innings of work.

At the very least, tomorrow brings another chance to try to make some headway, or at least to try to mitigate the damage from this road trip. Hopefully, this will be the only game of the series to finish after 3:00 AM.

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