Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gone South

As you might have heard already, I'm in the Dominican Republic for the annual Caribbean Series. Right now we're in a rain delay at Estadio Cibao, but the forecast looks promising...
I've got updates up on the BP Web site, which I'll be linking below. Despite the occasional rain shower, the weather here is near-perfect for baseball. Warm (low 80s), a nice breeze, and a fully-stocked crowd of baseball-crazy fans.

The TV broadcasts may show empty seats, but it seems to be more the result of scalpers keeping the demand artificially high by holding tickets than a lack of enthusiasm by the fans.

Here are the links:

Caribbean Series: Round Robin Preview

Caribbean Series 2008: Day One

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Todd Drew said...

I’ve enjoyed your stories on BP. Thanks for the links. I heard about the ticket-scalping trouble and I hope that gets worked out. The game of the people should never be taken away from the people.

Wow, Randy Choate just got Selwyn Langaigne in a big spot.