Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The One With the Stupid Questions

Is Jeter-Rodriguez-Sheffield 1-2-3 the way of the future? I'd like to see it in action against a pitching staff other than the Devil Rays', but the early returns are promising.

Think Bud Selig has a future as a travel agent after this baseball gig is over? Better question, think that Bud Selig has a future, other than fertilizing the soil, after his baseball gig is over? Personally, I think Selig's tenure as Commissioner may never end, that when he gets old enough, they might just put him in cryogenic suspension, for future groups of owners to awake in their time of need.

What would Yankee haters do if the organization were responsible for something important, like finding a cure for cancer? They'd bitch about it, obviously, but how would they bitch about something as benevolent as a cure for cancer? "The Jimmy Fund could have discovered a cure for cancer if only we had a salary cap"?

Why can't we bring over Jim Abbott, to teach Kevin Brown to field with his pitching hand? It'd probably get Crazy Eyez out of trouble with his teammates, since how can you stay mad at a guy that learns how to do that glove-flip thing just to get back on the mound?

Is there anything scarier than Tom Sizemore with a Moe-from-the-Three-Stooges hairpiece?

Does the bottom of the second inning of the White Sox/Rangers game look familiar? Does anyone think that Jose Contreras' problems were really Mel Stottlemyre's fault?

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