Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dark Days, Dark Thoughts

Actually, the weather was pretty nice in the Tri-State today. But after a weekend where the Yanks lost a series to the Baltimore Orioles, where our shiny new pitcher got his head busted open, and at the end of which the Red Sox got their rings, their bragging rights, and a win, to boot...Well, the sun seems a little dimmer.

So here are some disoriented thoughts about the past few days:

Can anyone do more to lose a ballgame for you than Jason Giambi did on Sunday? He cost the Yanks a run in the second, by making such a show of the fact that he didn't think he should have to hold Rafael Palmeiro on first, that Palmeiro stole second out of spite, and almost immediately scored on a single. Then, he got undressed on a drag bunt by Dave Roberts. Then he flubbed the popup in foul turf, keeping Melvin Mora's at bat alive. Mora would later hit a scorcher up the middle that tatooed Carl Pavano on the noggin.

So in less than three innings, he's responsible for three runs, and for his pitcher getting injured. Forget steroids, this is the kind of stuff that I boo.

Quick! While the old man is paying attention to his horsey, someone fix the farm system!

You have to admit that it was worth a try.

Remember when Lee Mazzilli couldn't beat the Yankees? Seems like a long time ago, don't it?

I was halfway expecting some sort of bloody incident today, where the Red Sox decided to have special rings made up for the Yankees, for helping them win the World Series.

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