Friday, April 01, 2005

Link o' the Day: 4/1/05

The Tony Womack Fan Club

I don't know why they let people like this out of the asylum. Check out what this dingbat has to say about the upcoming season:

In other preview news, the Yanks are going to win the AL East and win the World Series, under Womack's guidance. The Cardinals will learn the same lesson that the Diamondbacks did: you get rid of Tony, you pay the price! They won't make the playoffs. Neither will the Cubs or Pirates, othher teams that were fool enough to let Tony leave. I guess that means the Houston Astros will win the NL Central, 'cause they're the one team (other than the Brewers, who suck!) that's not dealing with the Curse of Womack.

That's it. I quit blogging, and heck, I just plain quit writing about baseball. It's just no use, you just can't get through to these people!

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Cliff said...

Dude, that site looks like a parody to me. I think you're missing the joke. Unless of course your post is an April Fool, in which case I'm the fool.