Thursday, May 19, 2005


Call it an homage to a few sports writers I don't particularly like:

You know, I see where another steroid suspendee returns from his non-paid vacation, and no one gave a damn.

I also remember the Yanks in Tampa Bay, where the first big leaguer suspended, Alex Sanchez, plies his trade, is probably also the place where the crowd made the most of jeering Sheffield and Giambi for their past steroid use.

The lesson being, no one gives a damn, unless it gives you one more bit of ammo to hurl at the other team's players.

People don't care about steroids in baseball for the same reason they don't care about the guys in porn films using Viagra: we're there to see the action.

And we don't particularly care what the performers have to do to give it to us.

Maybe on some level we'd prefer for the performance to be all-natural; but then again, we'd also like to believe that all those ladies in the film really were that excited.

Speaking of films, Kung Fu Hustle was great fun. It's one of those movies that throws a dozen jokes at you per scene, and doesn't particularly care if only one or two stick.

Hustle also features both the best and the worst side of digital technology. In one scene, CGI turns the film into a live action Roadrunner cartoon, which is plenty silly, but also pretty creative.

Other scenes remind you that you really shouldn't turn to CGI for anything where you could safely use a human actor.

I suspect this is a subject I'll revisit when I review Revenge of the Sith. Just a hunch.

You mean that Marlon Byrd was out there to be acquired, in exchange for waiver-bait like Endy friggin' Chavez, and the Yanks couldn't pick him up?

Byrd would have been an ideal guy to get for the Yanks: young, legit CF, lots of potential if you can get his bat back on track.

Yeah, I know, big "if". Still, couldn't we take a shot?

You know that right after you praise Jason Giambi, he's gonna look at strike three with the bases loaded and the team down a run in the ninth inning.

Betcha that's what everyone remembers when the team comes home after this road trip.

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Anonymous said...

OK can we just send the "Giambino" to the minors or if he refuses to go put him on the 1460 day DL. God I am so sick of his sorry ass.