Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Center Field and Back Again...

It's been a weird week already:

Joe Torre floated the suggestion in a report published Monday that Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez could be used in center field, even though he admitted he hadn't discussed it with either of the guys, but he figured that both fellows would do whatever it takes to help the team.

This was pretty obviously just talk; that much was obvious from the fact that Torre, one of the most tactful managers out there, discussed it with the media before he discussed it with either of his All-Star shortstops. Most likely, it could be considered a tactic to combat the hard sell being put forth by free agents Brian Giles and Johnny Damon.

Nonetheless, the appetite for this news in baseball-starved Yankeeland was such that Torre has effectively retracted his statement. It seems like Torre might actually have been engaging in a bit of sarcasm with the Reuters interviewer, since he claims to also have mentioned Mariano Rivera as one of the Yankees he considers "athletic enough" to play center field.

Meanwhile, Billy Wagner's a Met, the Blue Jays are suddenly big spenders, Kyle Farnsworth is a coveted creature, and Vic Power is dead. Steve Goldman has a moving piece about the trade that sent Power away from the Yankee organization at the Pinstriped Bible.

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