Friday, September 15, 2006

Double-Up, Clip-On, Clip-Off

A few notes from rainy New York City:

Double, Double: Since the Yanks already had a doubleheader scheduled for Saturday, tonight's game will have to be made up on Sunday afternoon. I've got tickets for Sunday night's ESPN game, and I'm sure that with, four Yanks/Red Sox games in less than 36 hours, the Stadium will be experiencing rivalry fatigue.

Hole in Ya Sox: It's a shame, but I expect that David Ortiz will get some harsh treatment from Yankee fans over his MVP comments of last week. Other than those comments, Ortiz has been a class act in the rivalry, and he is having an amazing season. Apparently, this series will not feature the Red Sox young closer, Jon Papelbon, who's been shut down for the season.

Wet Kitty: Tonight's rainout washes out Jim Kaat's broadcasting finale, an anticlimactic end to 50 years in baseball. Here's hoping that Kaat comes out to one of the games on Satuday or Sunday, so that the fans get the chance to say thanks, and so that YES can give him the sendoff he deserves.

Good-bye Columbus: The Columbus Clippers will no longer be the Yankees' AAA team after this season. Apparently, the team wants to move their AAA operation closer to the NY Metro area, for all those times when the Yanks have to summon a minor leaguer for emergency duty. I'd love to see the Yanks field a high-level team nearby, the way it was when their top farm team was in Newark. The rumor is that the Yanks might be looking at the Phillies' old AAA affiliate in Scranton, PA.

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