Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rock Slide

Heartened by a discussion of how much of the material out in the blogosphere is disjointed thoughts, not "publishable" in any traditional sense, here are some choppy ruminations of my own:

How exactly does this work again? The Yanks went from red-hot, tearing through three teams in their last five series that are well over .500 (and one that was pretty close when we got to them), and now they manage two measly runs over their first two games against the Rockies. Now, these are not the same Rockies the Yanks faced last time they went to Coors Field--the humidor and better pitching means you're less likely to see a football score these days. But it's not like we're looking at the '66 Dodgers, either. The team's eighth in the league in RA+--strictly middle of the road.

Two friggin' runs! Total!

The thing with the Yanks' early futility this season is that it leaves very little margin for error. Two losses in a row, to a team that's over .500, shouldn't be the end of the world. But one more loss puts this team back to .500, which would mean they've frittered away 8% of the schedule they had left the last time they hit .500. So there's really no relaxing if you're a Yankee fan in 2007, I guess. Tomorrow, Roger Clemens tries to avert the sweep against the Rockies' best pitcher this season, Rodrigo Lopez. No pressure, huh?


Here's a question: things were going pretty well, and then they cast off Josh Phelps for Andy Phillips? The team had one useful bat on the bench, heading off to face the NL...and we just tossed it away. Why?

It's judgment day for Jason Giambi under Bud Selig's "talk to the Mitchell Commission or face the consequences" ultimatum. I have some thoughts on the ultimatum, and Giambi's choice, over on Baseball Prospectus Unfiltered.

Sometimes if you're a baseball fan, even when you win, you lose. For example, Jeff Weaver shut out the Pirates last night, after being one of the very worst pitchers in baseball this season. Now, your pitcher throwing a four-hit shutout when he's been going through hard times is a good thing, specially when your team's only 4 1/2 games out of the AL Wild Card lead.

So, I guess it's possible Jeff Weaver has turned things around, just as the team was about to send his backside to the glue factory. On the other hand, after the cheering dies down, it's likely that the sound you hear is a disembodied voice telling Ms fans, "I hereby condemn you to ten more starts of Jeff Weaver."

May heaven have mercy on their souls...


Mr. YankeePants said...

It doesn't look good. Clemens will show his age just like the past 2 old guys the last 2 nights. Unfortunately looking forward it's Igwana tomorrow and it's back to being under .500 on Saturday morning. That's a full 1% of being at .500 and then being under .500. (What a stupid way of trying to get a point across)

Red Sox are picking up steam and the players who have been slumping this year are finally waking up! Manny, Papi, JD and Coco. I'd say back to 14 1/2 ben=hind by Monday
:(. They'e 5th starter is 4-0 in his last 7 starts!

DJ said...

Wow, Red Sox fans have found their voices again now that the Yankees have lost two in a row! Great to hear from you...Yankee fans were worried that between our getting over .500 and Beckett's undefeated season getting broken up, your spirits had been broken ;)

Seriously, the American League East is irrelevant to the Yankees right now. With the Red Sox lead exceeding the number of face-to-face matchups the teams have left, the Red Sox would have to seriously tank for the Yankees to just have their divisional fate in their own hands again--and we know they're not going to do that, right?

BTW, your fifth starter is, for the moment, your fourth starter.