Monday, June 11, 2007

Week In Review: Better...

Week 10: June 4-10, 2007

Record for the Week: 6-1, 53 RS, 26 RA
Overall: 30-31, 5.5 games behind Detroit for the Wild Card

The Breakdown:

06/04: Yankees 4, White Sox 6
The fall of the House of DeSalvo, a ninth-inning outburst made the thing seem a lot closer than it was. Looked like deja vu all over again with the palehose. Lesson learned: You can't avoid being sent down to the minors by sneaking out of the clubhouse before you're told you've been demoted.

06/05: Yankees 7, White Sox 3
Yanks smack around lefty Mark Buehrle a bit, with Damon and A-Rod doing most of the damage. Lesson learned: Ozzie Guillen angry is a funny sight, even after all these years.

06/06: Yankees 5, White Sox 1
The Yanks get their yearly complete game, behind Chien Ming Wang. Lesson learned: I was kind of hoping they'd save the complete game for later in the year, since the Yanks are only allowed one per season.

06/07: Yankees 10, White Sox 3
Alex Rodriguez's ninth-inning grand slam turns a tight 4-3 lead into a laugher. Credit Kyle Farnsworth's crappy pitching for the game being tight to begin with. Lesson learned: Mussina gets upset if he's pulled after only 79 pitches. Yeah, it'd be easier to accept this one if he didn't look constantly at the point of exhaustion, or if, y'know, his fastball ever got up into the high 80s again.

06/08: Pirates 4, Yankees 5
Pittsburgh takes a 4-2 lead in the seventh, after an inside the park homer for former holdout Chris Duffy. The Yanks come back, to take the game in extra frames. Lesson learned: As Belloq said in Raiders of the Lost Ark, "There is nothing you can possess that I cannot take away."

06/09: Pirates 3, Yankees 9

06/10: Pirates 6, Yankees 13
I dealt with these two games in yesterday's post, so let's not rehash that again. Lesson learned: The Pirates...aren't too good.

Player of the Week: 6-1 week is where this gets fun. You've got Chien Ming Wang's complete game; Alex Rodriguez's 4 homers and .400/.515/.960 line for the week; and Bobby Abreu's .500/.606/.808 week to serve as a wonderful, three-headed player of the week. Mussina's six good innings don't rate more than an honorable mention, neither does Scott Proctor's five scoreless innings, or Mariano Rivera's 4 1/3 scoreless.

Dregs of the Week: Not a lot of candidates here, either. Matt DeSalvo, Ron Villone, and Kyle Farnsworth didn't look too good. Miguel Cairo (.292/.280/.333) got starts at first base, which seems like the sort of immensely stupid idea that will eventually come to bite the team on the butt. Josh Phelps isn't exactly ripping first base away from Cairo with a .200/.200/.200 week

Story of the Week: No comment. I'm happy right now, and I don't want to ruin it with words.

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