Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hurricane Anna

Because I think you would demand it, here is a sampling of the wit and wisdom of Anna Benson (from the NY Post, Kevin Kernan):

Anna is not a favorite of the old baseball adage: No making love on game day.

"That rule has been broken many times," she said. "With everything going on today with athletes cheating on their wives, Kris and I are making a stand for fidelity. I think the real pigs are the guys who run around on their wives."

She is more than just a beautiful face.

"If you take Oprah Winfrey and you meshed her with Howard Stern, that would be who I am," Anna said.

"I can be raunchy, and I can be irreverent, but I can be compassionate and caring."

It's a shame to see a lovely young lady like that have a such a lack of self-esteem. She should really work on being more open, and more talkative with the press. She's in New York now, y'know.

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