Thursday, August 26, 2004

Weblog Reloaded...


If you're here, you probably followed the breadcrumbs from the Original Weblog That Derek Built, and are probably familiar with the kind of stuff that I write. For anyone that's curious, the little Mission Statement I have somewhere on this page (as I write this I don't actually know what my Weblog looks like, yet) will give you the basics. I liken it to that little bit of narration during the opening credits of a TV series -- the one that tells you that Felix Unger's wife kicked him out of the house, that Caine is looking for his lost brother, that the Enterprise is on a five-year mission -- that sets you up with the basic premise for each episode.

Why do I feel the need to keep elaborating? Because this is a new website, and I'm breaking it in, I guess.

The main character in the writing I do here is the game of baseball. Specifically, the Yankees -- the team I've followed since I was 8 years old. I try to approach baseball writing with a little bit of history, a strong dose of analysis, and a large pinch of humor.

Aside from baseball, I do have a side project of reviewing every movie I see in a movie theater. I'll try to make these as quick and painless as possible.

Beyond that, nothing's out of bounds. I might bring in a friend or two to write about sports other than baseball, or arts other than film. I'm making this up as I go along, pretty much the same as I've been doing since January of this year, when I started in the blogging game.

I finally have a comments section, so feel free to tell me what you think, make suggestions or requests (hopefully not of the please-jump-off-a-tall-building type), or just say hello. If you click on the title to this post you'll find a link to my old webpage, so that you can read my archived articles. Soon, I'll give you links to all the other bloggers and newssources I waste my day on.

Below, you'll find that I've gotten a head start on my blogging. Enjoy, and feel free to sound off about anything you read here.

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Mike said...

Welcome to Blogspot. I've been enjoying your stuff on your old site for a while now. Keep the good stuff a comin'