Thursday, August 26, 2004

Yanks' Squirrely Night (NY Daily News, McCarron)

Just the other day, it seems, I was noting that setting a record for comeback wins might not be the healthiest thing your ballclub can do.

Last night, the Yanks proved me right, by doing their comeback thing, then giving the lead (and the game) back to the Indians in the 8th.

Two stories here. First, A-Rod keeps on doing badly with runners in scoring position. Rodriguez effectively killed the Yanks' comeback rally last night with a men on first and second, no outs double play. Since Alex is taking a volcano's worth of heat about his low batting average with men in scoring position, that's bad news.

The other story is a damn squirrel (hence the title), which at one point last night interrupted Jeter's at bat for about seven or eight minutes. You could tell Jeter wanted to step out and squash the thing with his bat, but thought better of it. Not good PR to be a squirrel-killer.

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