Thursday, September 02, 2004

Steve In, Jon On, Alex Over and Out: NYY 9, CLE 1

It must be hard, you make your long-awaited return to a Major League mound, and your very first offering is sent just shy of the four train in right.

But if you're Steve Karsay, and you've just thrown your first major league pitch in almost two years, you probably don't mind so much that Victor Martinez took you yard. Specially not when you're pitching the ninth inning of a 9-0 laugher.

Karsay's fastball was a zippy 92 MPH, and his breaking ball moved. The big question is whether his arm will fall off with each pitch. But then, he's in good company on this Yankee team.

Another guy with a suspect arm, Jon Lieber, pitched seven good innings. Alex Rodriguez cracked the game open with a three-run jack in the Yanks' five-run second inning. The Iron Sheff got three hits, and passed the 100 RBI mark.

The Red Sox kept on using the Anaheim Angels as if they were the girls at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. They remain 3 1/2 games back.

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