Sunday, September 12, 2004

Where Would We Be Without El Duque?

The Yankees beat the Michelin Man (Sidney Ponson) yesterday. I didn't see the game, haven't even seen the boxscore yet. But once again, it's no surprise that the Yanks win a big game behind Orlando Hernandez.

The New York Post link up top reminds us that if the Yanks hadn't believed in El Duque, they probably wouldn't be the division leaders right now. Think about it: just about anyone in the Majors could have picked up El Duque for a bargain price. He probably would have accepted an invitation from the Marlins, or Devil Rays, since the Yankees couldn't guarantee him a rotation slot.

The decision to bring El Duque on was considered at the time another one of those "loyalty" choices by the Torre Administration, a waste of money by a franchise that can afford to waste money. But right now, is there anyone in this rotation you'd rather have pitching Game 7 of the ALCS or World Series?

Alex Belth has joined the list of bloggers who wonder if Mel Stottlemyre has the right stuff to be the Yankees pitching coach. I don't know -- the only Yankee pitcher who isn't a dyed-in-the-wool veteran is Javier Vazquez, so you can hardly tell how much influence Mel has, anymore. But aside from El Duque and the Bullpen Duo, no-one is really working out in this pitching staff. I'm officially not sure about Mel. What do you guys think?

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Patrick O'Keefe said...

I posted some more details on Bronx Banter... but, I'm alright with Mel.