Thursday, September 15, 2005

Taking Out the Trash

I've missed the past two games against the D-Rays (work stuff) but I can't complain about the results. On Tuesday, the Yanks whupped up on Tampa Bay with a vengeance for all the trouble the Devil Fishies have caused the Yanks' playoff hopes, 17-3. Jason Giambi hit is 30th homer, and had five RBI. Jorge Posada picked up his weak season totals with four RBI, and was on base four times on the night. All of this came backing a strong outing by Jaret Wright.

Whenever you have that kind of win, there's always a strong possibility of letdown. Back in April, the Yanks scored 13 runs in one inning on route to a 19-8 win against Tampa, and then the next day they couldn't even beat Hideo Nomo.

The Yanks avoided that fate this time out, but by a more narrow margin than you would like, posting a 6-5 victory against the Rays in Tampa. Chien Ming Wang (5 R in 6 1/3 IP) hasn't been the same fellow who lit up our lives earlier this year. Since he's come off the DL he's allowed 8 runs in 11 1/3 innings. Or maybe it's just the D-Rays? Both of Wang's post-DL starts have been against Tampa Bay, and back in May, the D-Rays became one of the few clubs to lay a glove on the Wangster, again dishing out 5 runs in his six innings of work.

Here's hoping for a sweep, and for one of the rivals (in order: Red Sox, Indians, Angels) to stumble.

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