Friday, September 30, 2005

Three Games (Maybe Four)

As someone I know would say, "Lordy, is this exciting!" Last night, I almost became a Blue Jay fan, thinking that the Jays would hold their lead against the Red Sox.

Then David Ortiz happened. I spent a bit of time on BP's mailing list the other day, ragging on the Ortiz-for-MVP campaign. But it sure is hard to fight when the guy keeps on coming up huge the way that Ortiz has.

The Yanks come into Fenway with a one game lead--that's a chance to clinch an AL East tie with one win, two wins for a playoff spot (under any circumstances, I think, if the Yanks win two more games in the 2005 regular season, they're in).

It says a lot about this season that Chien Ming Wang leads off the most important series of the year. He faces David Wells, the loud-mouthed, former Yankee fan favorite (or is that "Yankee former fan favorite"?). I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

And I'm going to miss the whole thing. More married guy stuff. Leaving town tonight, just as the game begins, entertaining family in Michigan, during tomorrow's game, travelling again at gametime Sunday. Any volunteers to TiVO this?

Have a great weekend, and Let's Go Yankees!


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