Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tied (the Knot)

Long time no see, so I'm dropping you a note courtesy of my brother's wireless connection. In the interim, La Chiquita and I have become Wife and Husband. What preceded was a weekend of too many terrific meals in Chicago, an outdoor wedding washed out by lightning storms, only for the sun to burn through the clouds the second we locked into our indoor Plan "B," and more love and goodwill from our respective relatives (now simply "our relatives") that we have no way to repay or even appropriately give our thanks. It's been an amazing weekend, and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Oddly, married doesn't feel any different. There's the ring, which is so light it constantly feels like it's gonna fall off. Otherwise, everything's the same.

More on this later.

Meanwhile, a lot of baseball happened, and I missed all of it. The Yanks were able to make that full game lead on Thursday, and hold it through Friday, until Saturday's loss locked the Yanks and Boston into their natural state of being, a mutual deathgrip from which one must go away crying.

It's strangely appropriate: these two teams were made to battle each other. Right now, the Wild Card leader (currently Cleveland) has a one-game advantage on the AL East leader, so if everyone kept pace over the next week, one AL East team would go home.

Enjoy the last week.


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James Varghese said...

Just wanted to pass along my congrats on your wedding. May many great years of married bliss come down your way...along with several more NY Yankees championships ;) Keep up the good writing.