Thursday, April 06, 2006

Channel Surfing

All over the place now, "inspired" by Chien Ming Wang's outing against the A's:

The first five innings of tonight's game have straddled the Exhiliration/Exasperation Line (the Ex-Ex Line, as we like to call it). The first three innings featured the Yanks scoring quick, decisive runs via the longball. The next two innings featured Wang giving back the lead as slowly as possible. To some extent, I appreciate the methodical nature of Wang's efforts, as he did mitigate the damage of the ten baserunners he allowed in his four and two-thirds innings. Also, it should be noted that Wang was victimized by a fourth-inning error by Jeter.

Still, Wang's pace when things are going wrong is agonizing. It's Trachsel-like. Speeding him up a bit should be one of Ron Guidry's priorities this season.

Speaking of Mets, I caught a bit of ther game with the Nats prior to the Yankee game starting. I'll go to the bullet points, here:
  • I was going to mention this the other day, but the Mets' new helmets are absurd. They've got this two-tone stylized thing going on that makes the boy's heads look like they were ripped out of an Astro-Boy cartoon.
  • Anderson Hernandez has got an amazing glove. A shame that in the same game where he made a great diving play on a blooper to the outfield, he also swung the bat like he was Stevie Wonder.
  • Not a Met, but still an item of interest--Ryan Zimmerman looks like the real deal. Given that the Mets have a stud at third in David Wright, you could be looking at the next generation of Hot Corner stars in the NL East.
  • Yeah, Wagner had Enter Sandman first. I'm biased, but I think that Mariano's done it more justice. I think they should settle this on the field, with a simple bet: whoever posts the most saves keeps the theme song, and gets to pick the other guy's new theme song.

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