Sunday, April 16, 2006

Week In Review: Thank Heaven for the Royals

Record for the Week: 4-2
Overall Record: 6-6

Without the Royals, the Yanks would have a 3-6 record--albeit all road games against expected contenders (the Twins, A's, and Angels). Still, eventually the Yanks have to start beating good teams if they're hoping to make it to October, much less make any noise when they get there. Not sure if there are many enduring lessons from today's game, aside from basic things like "bunting is bad," "Bernie Williams still looks done," and "this pitching staff is kind of scary--and not in a good way."

Player of the Week: Even with a DNP in Saturday's game, Jason Giambi was the best hitter on the Bombers' squad this week, batting .571/.684/.929 with 4 homers and 10 RBI on the week. On the pitching side, there's not much consistency over the week, other than a few scoreless appearances by Scott Proctor and Mike Myers.

Dregs of the Week: Tanyon Sturtze allowed three runs in one and two thirds innings, which sucks pretty bad; Jaret Wright faced an eight-hit barrage from the Twins on Saturday, allowing four runs (one unearned) in three innings.

Story of the Week: Other than the Royals suck and the Twins don't? Maybe it's the small roster moves the Yanks made this week. The era of the third catcher comes to an end in the Bronx, as the Yanks got Wil Nieves through waivers, and have now designated Koyie Hill. If Hill makes it through waivers, the Yanks will have real depth at the catcher position--which doesn't mean they'd be able to replace Jorge Posada's production if Hip-Hip-Jorge had to hit the DL, but at least they wouldn't have to scramble just to fill a spot in case of an injury to Posada or even extreme suckitude by current backup catcher Kelly Stinett. Those moves made, the Yanks picked up a couple more castoffs from other organizations--first baseman Carlos Pena out of Detroit, and reliever Jesus Colome from the Devil Rays.

None of these moves are for world-beaters. Pena projects as a defensive replacement and competition for Bernie Williams for spot duty in the lineup. Nieves and Hill project as backup catchers, maybe. Colome may be damaged goods. But the impressive thing is the change in direction, where the Yanks are looking for freely available talent, and depth. Next thing you know, Brian Cashman might actually find a righthanded hitting backup for the outfield, without having to eat an eight figure contract. Wouldn't that be something?

The C/P Ratio: 9/5 this week, 14/7 overall. Miguel Cairo got two starts this week, including another start at first base. Phillips also got a start, which is progress--but only against the toughest lefthander in the majors, Johan Santana. The result? Three strikeouts, and Joe Torre's assurance that he gave Andy a fair chance, and the kid just didn't produce. Pena's acquisition could render the C/P Ratio moot, by eventually sending Phillips through waivers and (he hopes) out of the organization.


Just realized that I shorted Giambi on his Player of the Week numbers--the Giambino actually hit .571/.700/1.571 on the week. Some honorable mention should go to the boys at the top of the order--Damon and Jeter each scored seven runs on the week, Damon with a 1.054 OPS, Jetes with a .970 mark.

Another noteworthy performance, Dregs-wise, came courtesy of Bernie Williams. Bernie hit a truly empty .300 last week--6 for 20 with no extra base hits, and no walks, good for a .600 OPS.

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