Thursday, April 20, 2006

Off Day

Inspired by the Yanks' opponent of the last few days, I have a piece up at Baseball Prospectus. The obligatory taste:

When you don’t like a team’s chances of making the playoffs, the accusations of bias are a given. But when that team is Canada’s major league franchise, the claims of bias run toward nationality--we are accused of hating Canada.

The irony of such an accusation is that, here at Baseball Prospectus, we love Canadians, adoration that borders on worship. Hardly a Canadian has ever stepped into BP’s Palatial Headquarters without being crowded by supplicant statheads, shouting requests such as “Will you tell us what paradise is like?” or “Is it true that everyone has health care in Canada?” or the ever-popular “Canadian! Bless my child!”

You might ask, if we feel so strongly about Canadians, how can the Blue Jays only rank 12th on this week’s Hit List? How can such a poor showing be anything other than rank bias against our neighbors to the North? The answer is simple. While the Toronto franchise is technically Canadian, its players are not.

In other news, the Yanks lost two members of the family when GCL Yankees manager Oscar Acosta and Dominican Field Coordinator Humberto Trejo were killed in a car accident outside of Santo Domingo on Wednesday. Acosta had been a pitching coach of the Rangers and Cubs before taking the Rookie League managing job with the Yanks. Acosta was also pitching coach for the Yanks' Columbus team in the mid 90's. We send our condolences to both men's families in this awful, tragic time.

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