Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cardinal Crucible

We said this weekend's series against the Cards would be important. Friggin' Mike Lupica said this was an important series. The returns are in, and it's a mixed bag.

Friday, the Yanks lost, the manager ripped the team, people used the terms "unacceptable" and "rock bottom" for what seems like the thirtieth time this season. Saturday, Randy Johnson re-learned what the term "ace" means, starting a combined shutout of the Cards, 5-0. The Unit looked great, despite the occasional misfire that wound up nowhere near John Flaherty's target.

That meant another rubber game, in a season full of rubber games, Carl Pavano starting against undefeated Cards starter Matt Morris. Pavano continued his string of unpredictable performances by throwing six strong innings against the Cards. That's the good news. The bad news is, Tanyon Sturtze coughed up the game in the seventh, allowing four runs to throw away the series, 5-3.

Hard to get too far down about this game, since the Cardinals are the best team in the NL, and sport the second best record in baseball. Also, the Yanks were on their longest road trip of the year. Still, this team isn't helping itself, not at all.

So I guess the stream of "unacceptables" and "rock bottoms" will continue, until (and unless) the Yanks can turn this season around. The Yanks are home for the next two weeks, starting Tuesday with a three game tilt against the Pirates, followed by the Cubs, Tampa Bay, and the Mets. Unless the Yanks pick it up in those two weeks, they'll be behind the eight ball when they face the Orioles in Baltimore to end the month of June.

Hard to say about this team, but that series could be a must-win, if they don't pick up the pace.


just D said...

nice little editorial you put up. and yeah, tha YANKS do need to hold up at home these next two weeks. hate to see them limp into their series against O's even farther down than they already are.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why we should care about Tony Womack? The Times goes on and on about how frustrated he is about his situation. The man's hitting .249 and the OBP is .289.

DJ said...

Following up on Anonymous's comment (maybe I'll do something more in-depth later) Womack's whining shows just how little he knows about Joe Torre. Has any Yankee in the Torre era ever thrived while complaining about their PT?

Chris said...

Derek, given the state of the Sox and Yanks, is it time to say that the thrill is gone? OK, it's premature, but the battle for ultimate supremacy was a lot more fun than the current scrap for least-mediocre. And seems a long time ago...