Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hump Day Bullet Points

A few thoughts while trying to comprehend the depths of suckitude to which the Yankees have fallen:

  • Danger, Don Mattingly, Danger! -- Saw last night's game at the pool hall, which meant I was mercifully spared listening to the announcers as Ben Sheets mowed the Yanks down (I'm not hatin', I just get tired of the YESmen trying to paint a positive picture of a stinking ballclub). I hadn't seen Sheets pitch in a long time, and I have to say I was amazed by how much life his breaking ball had--and considering the number of Yankees that were frozen by the pitch, so were they. The YES cameras kept focusing on Yankee hitting coach Don Mattingly during the game, no doubt speculating that Donnie Baseball is on the hot seat. The last time the Yanks scored more than six runs in a game was two weeks ago, when they murderlized the Tigers, 12-3. In the interim, they've managed to score six runs once (the win against the Red Sox), four runs three times (two wins against Detroit and one against the Twins) three runs four times, two runs twice, and one run three times (all losses). See the pattern?
  • It Would Be The Ultimate Suck-Up Move of All Time -- Y'know, if Jason Giambi wanted to endear himself to the fans--and it's looking right now like he's not gonna do it with his bat--he should make the brass the following offer: don't fire Mattingly as hitting coach this year or the next, and he'll make 2008 a team option year in his contract.
  • I'd Say the Greatest of My Amazing Skills is My Tremendous Modesty -- the Yankees first round pick in the 2005 amateur draft is a high school shortstop from Oklahoma, Carl "C.J." Henry. He's a big kid, reportedly very athletic, who, depending on whom you're talking to, draws comparisons to Vernon Wells, Alex Rodriguez, and Gary Sheffield. Here's a quote from the 19 year old himself: "I think I'm a five-tool player with a high ceiling and unlimited potential." Nice to see that one of those tools is modesty. Anyway, best of health and fortune to you, C.J. Get to the Bronx quickly, 'cause the parent club needs some help.


Laura said...

Do you think Mattingly's job is in jeopardy? The Yankees have wanted him to come work for the club for years. I just watched the Steinbrenner Centerstage "interview" with Michael Kay the other night and the Boss has nothing but good things to say about Mattingly.

whb said...

I'll come out and say that I'm no Yankees fan. Actually, I hate the Yankees. Sorry, but I do. And Gary Sheffield is my enemy. However, I would like to say that Don Mattingly is one of the best names attached to the Yankees in the last 25 years. He's great and if someone wants to figure out why Giambi isn't hitting, they might want to give him back the syringe.

DJ said...


Mattingly's job shouldn't be in jeopardy, but I can't believe that there isn't going to be a reaction from Steinbrenner if the losing continues. And if they keep on losing the way they have been losing, Mattingly is the logical neck on the chopping block.

It pays to remember that George fired Yogi, once upon a time. He's often been hardest on the guys that are most popular, and the classiest (see Dave Winfield, Mattingly himself in the "hairgate" scandal, his comments about Derek Jeter's night life).

Now, the Boss isn't what he used to be...but I doubt that Mattingly's fan-favorite status would protect him if Big Stein decided he wanted to shake up the team. Heck, he could do like he did with Piniella in the 80's, and get rid of him by "promotion" to the front office.