Sunday, June 19, 2005

PhotoBlog Recap: Cubs v. Yankees, June 18, 2005

Since the last time I wrote in, the Yanks won two more games--one against the Pirates (a gem of a performance by RJ, matching Mussina's effort on Tuesday), and the opener of this series against the Cubbies--to make for a four-game homestand winning streak.

Got an invite to attend Saturday afternoon's interleague tilt with the Futility Infielder himself, Jay Jaffe. Jay's a great fan, and a terrific person to find yourself with at the ballpark--he's knowlegeable and easy-going, and I would bet you will always learn something new about the game just by sitting next to him.

The crowd was a robust 55,248, and Cubs paraphernalia abounded all around. Where did all these folks come from? Are they from Chicago, deciding that this weekend was the ideal time to finally take that trip to NYC? Are they generic baseball fans, from a new era when MLB Extra Innings and MLB.TV mean that you are no longer are geographically restricted in your rooting interests? I could see where, if someone could choose any team in the world to support out of the blue, the Cubbies would be an appealling choice. There's lots of history, a great ballpark, and a great "if they ever win the World Series I'll be a superstar" vibe, like all those Red Sox fans that received congratulatory phone calls, letters and emails after their team won the World Serious.

I'll let the photos take over from here...

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