Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bookmarkin' the Notebook

One of the reasons I've been writing less around here is because I've been working like a madman in my day job. The other, is that I've been putting in a little time at Baseball Prospectus, writing pieces for Prospectus Notebook. I haven't been linking to them out of laziness, but my most recent piece, from last Friday, on the Indians, seems to have made a bit of an impression. Check 'em out:

July 22 -- Cleveland Indians, Steroid Suspensions

July 20 -- San Francisco Giants, the Worst/Best List

July 15 -- Colorado Rockies, Trading at Altitude

July 13 -- Cincinnati Reds, Felipe Lopez

July 8 -- Seattle Mariners, Bye Bye Bret Boone

June 29 -- Detroit Tigers, Carlos Pena

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