Friday, July 29, 2005

Notebook: Save the Jeter

Yankees time on Prospectus Notebook. Here's a sample:

In this land of plenty--after all, the Yankees are paying over $200MM this year in salaries alone--a team is starving. Starving for pitching.

Can you let this happen? Can you sleep soundly, knowing that as you rest in lap of luxury, the Yankees are signing Hideo Nomo, a guy that couldn't hack it for the Devil Rays? Can you sleep soundly knowing that Al Leiter is now the Yankees' #3 starter? Can you rest knowing that Darrell May or Tim Redding could possibly make another start in pinstripes? Can you just accept than in the land of opportunity, right now the Yankees are up to their elbows in that trash bin, hoping that Alan Embree makes it through waivers?

People, Derek Jeter hasn't missed the playoffs in nine seasons, and now he needs your help.

Check it out, and poke around the website to your heart's content. For the next few days, Baseball Prospectus is on a free preview, like you have with premium cable stations. That means that you can see all the site's subscriber content, including Brother Joe's Prospectus Today column, Will Carroll's Under the Knife injury columns and Will's Mill trade rumor column.

It's tasty stuff, so go get some!

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