Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday, Catching Up

Since last we spoke:

1) The Yanks lost a nail-biter in Texas, 2-1, to Chan Ho Park and the Rangers. The Wayne Franklin era in the Bronx ends, since you can't send a whole starting lineup down to Columbus, even if they fail to get more than one run against Chan Ho Park. Franklin is replaced by Alex Graman, who has been converted to relief at AAA.

2) They salvage the series in Texas, with a 8-4 win backing journeyman Aaron Small. Small's a true journeyman, having played for nine different organizations since making the majors in 1994, playing in the bigs for six of those ballclubs.

3) Thursday's game, starting off a four game series against the Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels, in Los Angeles of Anaheim, shoulda been a win. With a 3-2 lead, Randy Johnson "tweaked" his back--thank heaven I wasn't watching the game, 'cause a Randy Johnson injury would be enough to make me call for nitroglycerine tablets and a defibrilator--in the sixth inning. No problem, though, Hideki Matsui and Jason Giambi come back with back-to-back solo shots in the seventh to give the Yankees some breathing room. Giambi's homer was his second in the game, and gave him 15 for the year. Then Buddy Groom and Tom Gordon gave it all back, on a grand slam surrendered by Flash to Vlad Guerrero.

4) Then last night, Al Leiter did not have that old black magic going against the Angels. They whooped down on Alois with 10 hits, all singles. Between a four-run second inning, and the Yankees squandering late scoring opportunities against John Lackey and Brendan Donnelly, the Yanks get done in, 6-3.

So now, the Yanks need to win one of the next two games to guarantee an over .500 road trip. If they win both, maybe they can convince me that the ceiling for this group isn't getting drummed out of the playoffs in the Division Series.

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